Facial sheet mask

  1. Ingredient:water, Tremella extract, horseradish seed extract, Corn germ extract,wheat germ extract, etc
  2. Specifications :25ml*7 pcs/box
  3. Place of origin : China
  4. Shelf life: 3 years.

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1. .PRESERVATIVE-FREE: ZERO Burden on Skin, eliminate the source of allergies and edible

2. SAFE for Pregnant Women

3. Potent ingredients



1.Antioxidant, remove free radicals, lighten and whiten skin. 
2.Effective moisturizing ingredients(Glutathione, Tremella polysaccharide) make skin full of moisture, and becomes smoother and more elastic.
3.Reduce puffiness, firm up facial skin.
4.Plant placenta extract has repair power to restore the skin's self-repair.
5.Glutathione itself is a small molecule peptide. It promotes capillary microcirculation  and relieve excessive heavy metals in skin.


How to use:

1.After cleansing gently apply mask sheet to your face

2.After about 15-20 minutes remove the mask

3.Massage your face to better absorb the remaining mask essence


Storage method:
The product must be stored in a dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight, and where children cannot touch


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