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We are a professional private label cosmetics China manufacturer. Our factory facility is ISO 22716 certified and complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Above 20 years OEM/ODM experience in the cosmetics industry, we specialise in the manufacturing and exporter of the mid-to-high class of cosmetics, and we provide a one-stop solution for below Cosmetics that can be Fully Customized.


Jiu Zhou Yuna is a Chinese cosmetics company with its own production base, scientific research lab, and an efficient distribution system. The company controls the whole production cycle which allows ensuring a high and steady quality of its products. Building on the know-how garnered by one of the top China think-tanks in the field of applied microbiology, Jiu Zhou Yuan has developed a brand of high-tech, premium quality cosmetics that deliver the results.

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"Creating, communicating, and implementing the organisation's vision, mission, and overall direction."


General Manager

"Ensure the creation and implementation of a strategy designed to grow the business."


Our range of skincare was born out of love for all things natural and a passion for science. We produce molecular skincare products using our own patented technologies.

At the basis of our active formulas are more than 500 raw materials of natural origin, which include vegetable and essential oils, plant extracts, marine and apiculture products, natural minerals, therapeutic mud, etc. We also actively use high-tech ingredients, such as biotechnology products, peptides, growth factors, and bacteriologist. Among the unique ingredients developed in our lab are salmon and sturgeon caviar complex that contains whole caviar homogenate, caviar sol, and valuable caviar fractions. These constitute the basis of our range of rejuvenating cosmetics CAVIAR.

The efficacy and safety of our products are confirmed by clinical testing, and many national and international awards garnered over the years speak to its high quality. Jiu Zhou Yuan has been honoured with the highest academic awards for introducing the achievements of science into the beauty industry.


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